Household medical equipment accounted for low industry to the developed countries in line


  Recently, China Medical Materials Association released the 2016 annual development of the medical device industry blue book. This document points to the current size of the medical device market, but also for the medical device industry that the future direction of development.
        It is reported that in 2016 China's medical device market sales reached 370 billion yuan, of which the home medical device market is the first time exceeded 100 billion yuan mark, medical medical equipment market volume of nearly 270 billion yuan.

  And look to the future, home medical equipment is to maintain a high growth rate, is expected in this year really have intelligent factors, with the connection function of home medical equipment is expected to appear explosive growth. In the next five years, the field of medical devices is expected to change dramatically, the existing blood glucose equipment may be greatly affected, and the industry's industrial structure is expected to appear subversive changes, many traditional categories are May be replaced.
  Therefore, look at the overall situation, in such a turbulent pattern, investors only catch up in order to grasp the development of the time.
At the same time, we also note: In addition to the family medical device market breakthrough, the entire medical device industry market pattern is also quietly changing, for example, medical equipment rental market has gradually rise.
  Moreover, the current demand for medical device terminal market is growing, some high prices, the use of short-term category, as well as some reusable, green products is expected to become the first choice for medical equipment rental market. Throughout the global, international medical device market, the rental business accounted for as much as 90%.
According to the prospective industry research institute "China medical device industry market demand and investment planning analysis report" analysis, the current Chinese traditional retail sales of household medical equipment to reach the amount of 64.5 billion yuan, and through the electricity business channel sales reached 36.5 billion yuan The But in some electricity business platform, such as the days of cat medicine, its home medical equipment sales in 2015 or 2.3 billion, but by 2016 reached 3.07 billion yuan.
  Throughout China's medical device consumer market, aging, three high incidence of chronic diseases such as the trend of younger, so that blood glucose meter, sphygmomanometer in all kinds of home medical equipment occupy the forefront.
And as China's medical device consumption gradually to the prevention, rehabilitation field over, and now the sales trend of home medical equipment is promising, much to catch up with the trend of medical medical equipment.
  But investors should also pay attention to the current household medical equipment in the industry accounted for the proportion is still low, and developed countries, household medical equipment accounted for 40% of the total proportion of medical devices compared to the proportion of home medical equipment in China still has a greater development potential.
In addition, China's medical equipment companies mostly scattered, small, concentrated in the low level of competition, if this situation is not fundamentally changed, the industry is difficult to develop. Therefore, industrial investors need to accelerate the technological innovation capability of the medical device industry, joint production, academic and scientific research institutions, in the next stage of industrial integration will become the highlight.



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